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Beyond Business:

Analytics for Social Good

Research Interests

Humanitarian and non-profit supply chains embody quintessential elements of extreme volatility ranging from budgetary uncertainties to supply and demand fluctuations and labor shortages—that also characterize today’s complex global business supply chains. My research focuses on two areas: (i) demand--capacity matching in the last mile delivery of humanitarian operations, and (ii) improving donor--agency relationship to stabilize humanitarian agencies' available resources

My aim is to develop innovative solutions for enhancing humanitarian operations and to evaluate the suitability of commercial sector strategies for humanitarian organizations, identifyting when they might not be ill-suited.

Contexts: international development (e.g., access to health, food, sanitation), global health, food waste, social services (e.g., education, women empowerment, child protection), modern slavery (e.g., labor working conditions, trafficking), emergency response operations.

Igniting Change, Together: Fusing Research and Reality for Humanitarian Progress


Scientific studies strive to elevate humanity's living standards by cultivating a richer understanding of our world. Within the sphere of business research, investigations should be closely intertwined with real-world applications. Embodying this principle, my approach is not confined to purely theoretical research; I'm committed to creating practical impact, a goal I achieve through collaborations with leading executives from various esteemed organizations.

I've collaborated with international organizations such as Catholic Relief Services and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and local firms such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and Midwest Food Bank in Arizona.

If you'd like to discuss a challenge your organization is facing or share a success story with our students, please contact me.

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