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Areas of Expertise: Operations & Supply Chain Strategy Business Analytics

I am an OM scholar, employing optimization, econometrics, and experiments to address the classic question of demand--capacity alignment within social and humanitarian contexts. Within these spheres, the challenge of aligning demand with capacity takes on added complexity due to factors such as inconsistent volunteer participation, fluctuating donations, competition for media visibility, environmental disputes, and decentralized decision-making. My research has received several recognitions, including the 2014 DSI Buffa Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, the 2017 Latta Memorial Emerging Leadership Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar, and the 2018 DARPA Young Faculty Award. I received my Ph.D. from HEC Paris and joined the Carey School of Business in 2014, where I currently serve as an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, and Harold E. Fearon Fellow of Purchasing Management at CAPS..

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